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Wiccan Harvest Festival: MABON

What is Mabon?

The Wheel of the Year is turning and for many people, this means the descent into those dreary darker months – cue colder weather (more unpredictable than usual), darker nights and leaves falling fast!
But it is also a wondrous time of year for those that follow the seasons as we approach our Autumn Equinox; Mabon. (September 21st-22nd)

The festival is named after the God Mabon found in Welsh mythology, and this festival is one of the eight Wiccan sabbats celebrated throughout the year and marks a very special time for those that follow Pagan traditions.

This time marks the moment when the year is in perfect balance, night and day are equal and equilibrium; the forces of male and female are in balance as are light and dark and it is a very special time to truly take a breath and see what you have achieved and gained throughout the year. Also to release the things that are no longer of use to us, just as the stubble from the corn harvest is left in the fields.

We are also teetering on the brink of transition. From this moment on the year is waning and darkness is being to defeat the light. The sun is fading just as the Green Man is dying and preparing to be reborn, and the Autumn Goddess is full and blooming with the fruits of our labours. It is the fruit harvest and a time for great thanks and, of course, for feasting!

How to celebrate

Firstly, the best way to celebrate any Pagan festival is to party! But there are also other ways to honour Mabon. 

Reap what you sow is definitely an important mantra during this period and it is the ideal time to reflect on the hopes and aspirations of the previous seasons to see how they have manifested.

The natural world is showing signs of decline, slowing down and ready for the deep sleep of winter. And we should do the same! This is the best time to do your clearing out, collecting the best produce for the colder season and wholly enjoying what nature has to offer. 

Baking and cooking of all kinds is definitely a way to honour this season especially with apples, pears, damsons and fruit and berries of autumn. Lavish and delicious meals are welcome and enjoyed at this time but always remember to leave an offering of each item as a blessing. 


The iconic symbol of Mabon is the Cornucopia (horn of plenty) which represents the balance of both male and female and is shown in the image above of the wicker vessel spilling the plentiful harvest.

The apple is also particularly special to Pagans in general as it represents, amongst many other things,  life, immortality and wholeness but it is especially important at the time of fruit harvest. Cut an apple in half lengthways to decorate your home or altar and you will see the five-pointed star in the centre of the core – this is symbolic of the elements earth, air, fire, water and spirit. 



As well as your environment, it is also appropriate to dress up yourself!

Honour this time of year by channelling your witchy vibes and adorn your best outfit and decorate yourself with beautiful things.

The two pieces from Alchemy below are just perfect to add to your ritual dress or gothic attire – the symbolic Goddess (top) piece represents the triple moon and elemental forces, and the Sin Horned God (below) is her consort; very fitting for celebrating Mabon as a balanced pair!

I hope your harvest is bountiful and your celebrations joyous! 

– Rose Jekylle 🌹


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