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Mera Luna 2018

I’m still revelling in the memories of yet another merry Mera Luna, paging through the photos that keep popping up on Instagram and Facebook and making exchanges with new friends and old. This year was particularly special, not only did I get to meet the utterly exquisite Obsidian Kerttu and Valentin van Porcelaine whose photos I’ve admired from afar, but was also great to meet Elisanth for the first time and see La Esmeralda again (which makes a pretty full compliment of the lovely faces which grace your Alchemy catalogue). It’s always so touching when the people behind the beautiful imagery seem just as beautiful on the inside.

This year I was also hosting the “Express Yourself” workshop along with Daria Tessa. This was a wonderful opportunity for festival goers to take to the stage and talk about something that really matters to them. We had a mother and daughter, someone who made their own clothes, another who read extracts from stories that she wrote and others speaking about what the alternative scene means to them and how important it is to be yourself. It was quite a delightful experience and I take my hat off to the Mera Luna organisers who provided this platform to anyone who had the courage to speak their piece. For me Mera Luna has always championed individuality – one of the few large festivals that feels like it’s truly run for the people – and this year that was certainly cemented. It would be great if they bring back the workshop next year!

Bands-wise it was Zeraphine (ex vocalist from Dreadful Shadows) and London After Midnight that were on my “must see” list – both 90s staples that made up a large portion of my listening time when I first got into goth. But with bands like The Prodigy, Ministry, Front 242 and 69 Eyes – it was a pretty stellar line-up harking back to bands that have made, and continue to make an impact in the alternative scene. With next year’s line-up leading with ASP (another of my favourites), VNV Nation and Within Temptation, it’s looking like it’ll be another not to miss – especially if the weather is as beautiful as it was this year.

Is it time to go back yet?


Words by – Lady Amaranth


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