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The New Alchemy England 2017/18 Catalogue is Out

We proudly present to you the magnificent 2017/2018 Alchemy England catalogue!

The Alchemy original cover art work and story:
‘Rose Arcana’ – A Desiccated petal, fallen from the garland of history! You can read further into this beguiling tale on page 3 of your catalogue.

It’s hard to believe that the festive season is fast approaching. But you need not fear as Alchemy is here with lots of exiting and of course unique offerings, which are sure to keep you coming back for more! The new pieces are studded throughout the catalogue and you can identify them easily as they have a little red ‘N’ next to them.

The highlights of this year’s exciting new collection include the following:

  • Swarovski encrusted jewellery – Kraken, Hearts, bats and many more!
  • You’ve asked for it!!! We’ve listened Cat inspired jewellery and accessories – Jewellery, hair stuff, gifts & bags!
  • Metal for the guys – Ravens hammer, Devils eye, buckles and more!
  • A whopping 23 pieces added to this seasons the Vault by Alchemy! (available early October)
  • ‘In Search of The Black Rose’… Stunning black rose decorative pieces for the home! (available early October)
  • ‘Treasures From The Pirates island’… Impressive, scary storage jars for drinks and snacks with jet black screw top lids!
  • 2017 Festive jumper – White Hart Wreath – Reindeer skull with a holly wreath! Perfect for the anti-Christmas!!


You are in safe hands as all of our stunning jewellery is handmade in England using only the finest English pewter. English pewter is second only to silver making it a semi-precious metal!! Most importantly though, our jewellery is totally compliant to EU and USA regulation for lead, cadmium and nickel! There are no nasties and it is perfectly safe to wear against your skin!

Imitation is the Greatest form of Flattery!

We have teamed up with Redpoints, who are online piracy specialists! Redpoints are removing any counterfeit Alchemy products that may have worked their way on to the world wide web! We are seeing incredible results with counterfeit pieces being taken down quickly and efficiently.
If you happen to see any nasty, fake, uncompliant products out there whilst you are searching on the web, then please do not hesitate to report them to your Alchemy contact or via Facebook! Thank you for your assistance in this matter!


From our tiny beginnings over 40 years ago, we are honoured to still be here designing and crafting treasures for the alternative community. We are humbled by your support to which we owe our continued existence. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm towards Alchemy and everything we enjoy doing. We hope that we will never let you down and we will be able to satisfy your wishes far into the future.


Gratifyingly yours,


The Alchemy Team


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