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Are we of the Past?

A few years back everyone was watching movies inspired by us, inspired by our kind. Year 2017 and everyone seems to have forgotten all about it. It was ‘cool’ to be a vampire a few years ago. Today, if you mention this, people think it’s cliché or just outdated. Nobody understands that vampires were there before mankind and will continue to exist long after even if we’re not mentioned in books or movies any more. Do people truly think that’s what kept us alive for centuries? Do people think that’s what we need in order to be kept alive? Movies, TV shows, books to be remembered? That human arrogance believing we, a superior race, need their help in order to survive.

Blood. That’s all we need: the blood that runs through people’s veins. Not the fiction or the media but blood. We don’t care about the hand that puts down the creative words on paper. We care about the veins running through that hand, the blood in the heart of that creative little mind. Let people invent whatever they want about us, make us villains, lovers, fighters, heroes. It makes no difference to us. We simply do not care what inferior creatures decide to call us or what they decide to make of us. We merely regard them as food. And don’t think for one moment that if people disappeared so would we. We need their blood to stay alive but without it we will perish…We are immortals in every sense of the word.

We are of the past? I think not. It’s only the human mind that decided to forget, that same human mind that needs to be continuously drenched with innovations, changes, surprises. That human mind that is so weak it needs the outside world in order to be stimulated, to be reminded to breathe. We are forgotten? On a greater scale we are the foundations and the people…the people are simply the dust, the sand wandering from one side to the other.


Words by – Niguanta


Death of a Vampire Pendant (P495) | Nosferatu's Rest Pendant (P183) | Gothic Ankh Mirror (V34) | Masque of the Black Rose Necklace (P798)

Death of a Vampire Pendant (P495) | Nosferatu’s Rest Pendant (P183) | Gothic Ankh Mirror (V34) | Masque of the Black Rose Necklace (P798)

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