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Everything is the New Black

kitchen-black-appliancesYou want it in BLACK? No problem!

Looks like our favourite colour (there’s a debate in itself) is fast becoming accepted everywhere as the inherently stylish choice we always knew it was & gaining a positive reputation in the process.

black-absintheWant your home or room to be different? What were known as ‘white goods’, now come in black – ‘black goods’! Shop till you drop with ‘Black Friday’ … there are black roses (one of Alchemy’s specialities!) to decorate yourself & your home. No longer the colour of mourning, get married in a black wedding dress. You can buy black chalk, black toothpaste, black lipstick … the list goes on and on.

Exciting too are the growing range of black tipples to imbibe and warm even the darkest of constitutions…Black Rums, Black Vodkas & a drink very close to our heart (and stomach) … Black Absinthe! La Fée Verte, now La Fée Noir? And what better way to help this most mystical of libations slide down than by drinking from Alchemy’s stylish range of Absinthe-ware.

Alchemy has always embraced & championed this darkest of dark styles. Black ravens, bats, roses, crosses – all feature prolifically in our range of products. So indulge your dark tendencies & raise a toast to BLACK!


The Alchemy Editorial Team



black-imitation-rose   absinthe shot   P760-ghost-seer

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