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Dear Mine

Image1Dear mine,

Darkness should be the least of your concerns for it is in darkness where I cannot be seen. Light a candle and I’ll suddenly be there at your side, watching, stalking, waiting…

I’m always there whether you see me or not, whether you pay attention to me. Yet you cannot feel my breath, you cannot feel my touch or my desperation as I always try to cling to you like you’re the only person keeping me alive. But you are indeed my one and only. I cannot live, exist, move without you and I will accompany you until your last day on Earth. Even in the serenity of your coffin I’ll be watching over you waiting for a twinkle of light to let you know I am there.

Image2I know everything you do, I go everywhere you go, I know everything you’ve done, all your sins, acts of mercy, all your moments of glory and shameful defeats. There is not one single secret you can hide from me. None. But do not worry, I am yours and I will always keep your past, present and future safe. I cannot do otherwise, for I always have my mouth sealed, eyes shut and ears hidden.

If you think for even a moment that I will leave your side, please do not! Can you not understand that your true darker side is always with you? Your true companion, soulmate, angel, demon, sibling, I will always be with you. What better way to express my affection towards you? You are mine and I am yours!

Sincerely yours,


Your shadow


Words by – Niguanta


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