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The Alchemy Group is the collection of creative studios, workshops, offices and distribution centres, (including Texas, USA), that make-up our unique, self-sufficient,
UK business.
To enquire about trade terms, corporate work, licensing opportunities, mainstream giftware products, etc, please click the gold logo or the link below.


3 responses to “Trade Enquires”

  1. Elizabeth Klaiber says:

    Dear Sir/Ma’am–

    I was recently given a surprise gift of a dragon lure earring and am absolutely so in love with it! One question that I do have, however, is about the ability to mold the metal around my ear. My ear is smaller than the height of the dragon and so it does not stay wrapped around my ear. If you could offer any/all assistance, I would be so very grateful. I am so looking forward to wearing this earring!

    Kind regards,

    • Alchemy1977 says:

      Hi Elizabeth, Pewter does have certain degree of flexibility and you should hopefully be able to manipulate the earring to fit. Do not be to forceful but if you can heat the earring with something like a hair dryer than this should help the metal to bend slightly and then hopefully fit your ear. Hope this helps 🙂

      • Elizabeth Klaiber says:


        Thank you so much! In actual fact, knowing that it is pewter is so helpful! I find that if I take my cosmetic jewelry to a jeweler and I don’t know the make-up of the metal, then the jeweler will typically not touch it (I think because he or she will not work with something that might be unpredictable). So, knowing that it is pewter I will take it to a jeweler nearby and have a professional do the fitting. Brilliant! I can’t wait :).

        Many thanks,