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Phobias – More Than A Simple Fear..

A phobia is an intense, irrational, repetitive thought about an object or situation that can, unfortunately, control people’s lives.

Arachnophobia is one common phobia that people would admit to having and is more predominant in women more then men, but the extent to this phobia can vary, with some people having a mild form of anxiety, while others will panic if they see a picture of a spider, let alone come into contact with one!

There are many treatments for phobias to help people control there anxiety. Behavioural psychologists use a simple form form of treatment, known as flooding. This is were the person is exposed to there fear until the fear itself fades away. This treatment has been proven to be very effective when the individual is exposed gradually to their fear over a period of weeks.

Not all of us have a phobia of spiders, so why not purchase some of Alchemy’s spider inspired jewellery. If you do suffer from Arachnophobia why not try and overcome your fear, Alchemy style, by wearing some of our statement jewellery, such as the stunning ‘Emerald Venom Pendant’ (P432).. Or brave wearing the ‘Black Widow Studs’ (E169)

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Alchemy Gothic: Westenra Choker/Westenra Spica (P593/E289)

An intricate jugular garnish that speaks of decadent wealth, all the while hiding the bite that lingers beneath. Intricate pewter work, studded with green crystals and strung on a wide black ribbon for true baroque style. A perfect accompaniment comes in the form of stunningly decadent earrings, perfect to complete Lucy Westenra’s post-Whitby jewel set.

Beautiful, innocent and pure, well loved by all who came across her, Lucy Westenra could not have been less deserving of the fate that befell her. Though men queued to court her, Westenra’s frailty and weakness soon began to show; a sign of blood loss, something more sinister, of the vampire Dracula having chosen her as his latest victim.

Within days, and despite efforts made by her mother and the famed vampire hunter, Doctor Van Helsing, the girl was dead – but that was not to be the end of her story.

Tales of a striking woman who stalked the night in search of the blood of small children soon began to circulate – Lucy lived again, though this time as one of the sentient undead; a vampire created in Dracula’s own shadow.

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New Alchemy UL13! Urban, Tattoo, & Rock ‘n Roll pendants, buckles & more…

Alchemy1977 brings you the latest new releases to the increasingly popular brand of Urban, Tattoo & Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle accessories, Alchemy UL13!

Alchemy UL13 is a range of products replete with classic and retro tattoo and rock symbolism, biker’s and boarder’s icons, but woven-through with that distinctive Alchemy pedigree.

Designed to take Alchemy back to its rock ‘n roll roots for guys and girls with attitude – no-nonsense, original design, classic, urban and tattoo inspired pendants, buckles and other essentials!

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