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If you would like your business to be considered for inclusion in the ‘RECOMMENDED ALCHEMY ONLINE STOCKISTS’ list, please check the criteria below. If you feel that your business may qualify, then please contact the Alchemy sales office, on All entries are chosen entirely at the discretion of Alchemy Carta Ltd.

* Your website must be efficient and easy to use: it should be quick and easy to locate any Alchemy products through the use of a logical tree structure and/or a search facility. The purchase process should be efficient, simple and fast.

* Secure Payment: the website’s checkout/payment process should use HTTPS whenever Credit/Debit payment card information is entered.

* Ascetically pleasing: the quality of a website is very important. Emphasis will be placed upon a site’s overall standard of design and appearance, and no special preference given to gothic-themed sites over more conventional ones. An unattractive site may be considered to undermine confidence in and reflect poorly upon the Alchemy brand.

* Extensive Range: Alchemy must be satisfied that the business represented by the website carries sufficient stock of a substantial and suitable selection of items from Alchemy’s product ranges.

* Brand Status: preference will be given to dealers who show sufficient respect to the Alchemy brand and are seen to be enhancing the status and value of Alchemy’s products. Alchemy products should always be found within a suitably and visibly branded context and not appear on the same site as any bootleg or plagiarised products. Nor should Alchemy products be displayed alongside discounted items or be promoted in any fashion which might perceivably undermine their value.

Discretionary Listing – Terms and Conditions
Entries will only be considered in response to an online request from the dealer. Any basic listing will be free of charge and by submitting an entry for inclusion in the RECOMMENDED ALCHEMY ONLINE STOCKISTS list, the above terms are accepted and it is agreed that they may be included entirely at the discretion of the Alchemy Carta Ltd.. Alchemy reserves the right to decline a request and to withdraw any listing at any time without prior notice.

If you agree to the above terms and conditions of entry please send your application by email to


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