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Officially Licenced Metallica Merchandise

Alchemy has had the privilege of creating officially licensed band accessories since the darkest dawn of time! 2023 is no different Alchemy has been chosen to create new collection of accessories for Rock Royalty ‘Metallica’ in celebration of their ‘M72’ tour!

First up we have a pendant based on the same M72 logo used for their current world tour.

Next we have a pair of matching ear studs featuring the ninja star design that first appeared on the rear of the Load (1996) album sleeve. James Hetfield created the design by combining four letter “M”s off their original logo.

Last but not least is a wrist-strap/bracelet based on their classic logo that was created by James Hetfield in the early 80s and appeared on their debut album Kill ‘Em All (1983) .

All these and more are available from our store now so don’t delay…

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