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Love is…

‘Love is eternal.’

‘Eternal? So, in other words as a vampire I should love the same person for as long as I live?’

‘Eternal…that is the idea, I believe.’

‘The same person? What if I live for a thousand years and grow tired of my lover? Should I torment myself in dedicating my entire existence to one single person?’


‘What if that person dies? Should I be doomed to an eternity of loneliness and roam the world in complete solitude?’

‘Love…is temporary?’ he asked.

‘That doesn’t sound right at all.’

‘Love is…passion?’

‘A moment of passion with someone until I end up drinking that person’s blood?’

‘You’re not helping! We’re trying to write one sentence. Just one sentence!’

‘You’re not helping either. Why connect Love to time?’

‘Love is timeless?’

‘That strangely…sounds better.’

‘Love is strange and timeless?’

‘I couldn’t agree more. After all Love is strange. We can’t decide with whom we fall in love. It simply happens.’

‘Love is timeless, strange and unexpected. And how about…Love is unconditional?’

‘To give without expecting anything in return? Hmmm. How often does that happen in a relationship? I’ve seen that kind of love between siblings, a parent and a child but between lovers? How long can that last? Eventually one gives more than the other. Mutual, unconditional love is…’

‘Beyond our world?’



‘All right,’ said the 21 year old man who had been turned into a vampire two years ago.

‘What have you gotten so far?’ asked the woman who appeared to be no more than 35 years old. In fact she was a 600 years old vampire. The young man, one of her apprentices, was in love and had urged her to help him write one or two sentences about Love so that he can send the note to his crush accompanied by 100 red roses.

‘Love is strange, timeless and unexpected,’ concluded the young man.

‘Now that you keep on repeating it, timeless sounds too…we’re not talking about a timeless shirt or a timeless hat…’

‘Love is strange and unexpected!’ shouted the man impatiently. He deeply regretted ever asking for her advice. Perhaps she had roamed the world far too long to understand his young feelings.

‘Sounds splendid. Are we done here?’

‘We’re not! I’ve said nothing about her. Love is strange and unexpected. You…’


‘Yes, something about her.’

‘Love is strange and unexpected and so are you?’



‘I can’t call her strange!’

‘She is strange for letting you in her life,’ the woman chuckled.

The young man gazed at her.

‘What do you suggest?’ she responded.

‘And you, just as love, are timeless?’


He sighted. ‘Love is strange and unexpected but my love for you feels familiar and right?’


‘Feels good?’


‘Familiar and expected?’ he suggested.

She watched him amused.

He sighed.

‘How about this,’ she smiled, ‘If I don’t kill you within three days, it must be because I care for you!’

‘She doesn’t know I’m a vampire.’

‘Perfect. You can add that to your little note.PS: I am a vampire.’

‘No, no! I want the note to start with Love is…’

‘Love is bitter, cruel and cold but for you I’d gladly endure it.’

‘She will think I am suicidal!’

‘Love is strange and unexpected. So is my nature. I love you.’

He gaped at her.

‘Well?’ she insisted.

‘That might just work.’

Two days later.

‘Have you given her the…letter?’ She asked the young man who seemed rather gloomy this evening.



‘She gave me this!’

He pushed a note in her hand. The woman read it out loud.

‘If I don’t kill you within two days then it means I’m very fond of you.’

The woman chuckled. ‘She wrote this?’

‘Yes,’ he complained.

‘Is she a vampire too?’

‘Worse. A werewolf!’

She laughed heartily.

He watched her with sulky eyes.

‘Oh come now,’ she smiled, ‘what is the matter?’

‘The two days passed and she hasn’t killed me yet.’

‘Therefore, she is fond of you.’

‘Yes.’ He sighed. ‘You were right, Love is…’


‘Bloody impossible!’



Words by – Niguanta


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