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Getting into the Evil Christmas Spirit

Christmas is coming…as much as we hate to admit it. The fake joy and forced laughers are just around the corner.

Do not worry!

We have our own way of coping with all of this.

To enter the Christmas jolly…horrors prepared we asked the advice of a few women we admire and respect. If the next divas cannot help us deal with this horrid event of red nose reindeer, disturbing snowmen and creepy Christmas carols then I believe we are truly lost.


1. A Welcoming Home

The home is the heart. To prepare for the Christmas celebrations we must bring the jolly spirit into our shelter. Morticia Addams has some great tips on how to keep all your flowers rotten for a longer time and how to make poison to attract the beautiful stench of death. But the most important thing is to start your day miserable and unhappy. That will give you the energy to do most of your home chores with much loathe and hate.


2. Christmas Gifts

Morticia Addams advices us to do a bit of reading on spells and curses and offer them as original gifts at Christmas. Her favorite spells are ‘May you wake up in the morning with a dead corpse at our side’ and ‘Let all the dead Santa Clauses rise’. It will give your friends and family a great thrill on Christmas morning.


3. Share the Joy

Penny Dreadful’s Vanessa Ives is well known for her cheerful and perky attitude. Whenever the Christmas Carolers come at your door, Vanessa will teach you how to give them a warm and welcoming smile. She advices us to invite the Carolers in and perhaps give them your own show and performance. All you need is a dark past and evil tormenting your very own soul. Easy as baking a pie, don’t you agree?


4. Christmas Show

Why watch all those boring Christmas movies when you can ask Wednesday Addams to direct one for you? Wednesday can put together a play bringing out the Christmas spirit and the true meaning of this jolly and wonderful celebration. Perhaps a new version of ‘Home Alone’ with more efficient and smart home trap scenes? Red is the Christmas colour after all and we know how much Wednesday loves red…


5. Santa Baby

Let’s be romantic when it counts. When to be more romantic than during Christmas even? Sweeney Todd’s Mrs Lovett advices us to cook something special for our loved ones. A spicy stew or a good steak with wine will create the perfect Christmas meal. Shopping for the little ingredients is cheap but the meat might take a while to…obtain.


If you follow these 5 great tips I am certain you will have a wonderful Christmas but feel free to get creative and add your own personal touch to it all.
Good luck with all your Christmas… preparations…


Words by – Niguanta



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