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The Alchemy Range For Alternative Weddings

Weddings for goths, steampunks, rockers and punks have never been more popular. Never mind conventional white gowns and traditional hymns, if you’re planning an alternative wedding, you’ll want to do things a little differently from the norm.

From your outfit and ceremony, through to your reception, you can make it as unique as you. But where to start? Here at Alchemy, we’re often asked which of our pieces would be suitable for weddings, so we’ve compiled this handy guide for brides and grooms-to-be who want alternative accessories.


The Black Swan Romance [P773]

Wear your heart around your neck with this blood red crystal pendant that’s hugged by two kissing swans made from antiqued English pewter.
Also Available: Black Swan leather wrist-strap [A110], featuring swans embracing a black diamond-shaped Swarovski crystal.

Epiphany Of St. Corvus [P771]

A romantic redemption between the dove of peace and the raven of conflict perched on either side of a black and clear crystal heart.

The St Petersburg Tear [P764]

An intricate Baroque-style teardrop choker with a large, Swarovski black diamond crystal at its centre that ties around the neck with a black satin ribbon.
Also Available: The St Petersburg Tear [A113] matching bracelet.

Keepers Of The Tyrian [P742]

A pseudo-Baroque-style heart-shaped cage inset with miniature skulls and a purple pearl. A purple crystal and a matching teardrop complete this arresting piece.
Also Available: Bower Troth ring [R198], an elegant floral band set around a rose petal-coloured crystal heart.

Elizabethan Court [P749]

Late Gothic sculpting and fine chains surround three heart-shaped crystals that hang from a string of Swarovski pearls.
Also Available: matching Elizabethan droppers [E346] earrings, ring [R156] and bangle [A78] complete this queenly set.

Dogaressa Choker [P726]

A large blue Swarovski crystal and matching heart hugs this Baroque-style pewter choker. Fastens with a black satin ribbon.
Also Available: matching The Dogaressa’s Last Love bangle [A104], and The Dogaressa’s Last Love ring [R199] complete this Venetian-influenced set.

She Walks In Beauty [P640]

Encircled by Lord Byron’s Romantic poem, this two-tone gilded and pewter choker is accented by a black onyx stone and a black Swarovski crystal drop.
Also Available: matching She Walks In Beauty earrings [E315] complete this Romantic set.

San Esteban Pearls [P741]

A blood red treasure, draped with silver Swarovski pearls on either side of a black satin ribbon. Dramatic, elegant and fit for a vampire bride.
Also Available: Passion ring [R167] shares the same sanguine stone to compliment your dramatic look.

Queen Of The Night [P503]

Opulent, baroque-styled necklace, accented by absinthe and onyx-hued Swarovski crystals. Breath-takingly beautiful against an ivory or jet gown.
Also Available: matching Queen of the Night [E273] dropper earrings.

Gothic Devotion Cross [P698]

A subtle, unisex version of one of the most potent amulets in the world, made from English pewter and finished by hand.

Other Accessories

Orthodox Icon Locket [P341]

Open this antiqued pewter locket to discover the hidden portrait holder. Keeps two 20 x 30mm photographs safe beneath its hinged exterior.

Betrothal Ring [R134]

Dainty, rococo-inspired token of romance, beset with an enamelled heart.
Also Available: become the Queen Of Heats with the Renaissance Cross of Passion pendant [P456] Claddagh Hair Comb [HC3] and Heart’s Blood [E332] ear studs.

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Away From The Roost Kilt Pin [AKP2]

Two bats fly around a pearl moon on this pin that’s ideal for kilts, lapels or for fastening a shawl or bolero.

Skull N Bones Stargazer Cufflinks [CL10]

Add a touch of the macabre to your formal attire with this pair of 3D skull and crossbones cufflinks. Each skull is accented by black diamond Swarovski crystal eyes.

Beast’s Claw Walking Cane [WS3]

Accent your outfit with this elegant walking cane, augmented by a smooth crystal ball and hand-polished pewter claw.

Marquis De Lune Walking Cane [WS6]

Ornate walking cane with a cast pewter top and a sparkling, multi-faceted Austrian crystal.

Table Decoration/Momentos

Winged Heart Photo Frame [SA1]

Display your favourite moment together with this angelic photo frame from the Shades Of Alchemy collection.
Also Available: For an alternate view, try the Winged Heart photo frame [SA4] or the ornate Rose & Vine photo frame [SA2].

Wings Of Love Wine Glasses [CWT54]

Toast your first champagne in matrimony with a pair of these romantic champagne flutes, decorated with multi-faceted Swarovski crystal hearts.

Dracula’s Cup Wine Glasses [CWT43]

Sup the red wine of your betrothed from these bewitching glasses, decorated with droplets of blood red Swarovski crystals.

Black Rose T-Light Holder [V36]

Add a real or LED tea-light to this elegant holder for a timeless centrepiece that serves as a reminder of the Alchemist’s quest for the mysterious black rose.

Rose Candle Stick Holder [SA9]

Inspired by the furtive black rose, a pair of these antique silver-finished resin holders will add a touch of gothic glamour to your wedding reception.

Heart Of Otranto Candle Stick Holder [V24]

Decorate your head table with a pair of these Gothic candle stick holders and add a touch of elegance to your décor.

Heart Of Otranto Chalice Bowl [V25]

Use this striking medieval-inspired casket for holding dried rose petals or wedding favours for your guests.

Have you accessorised with Alchemy at your wedding? We’d love to see your photos.

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