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A Midsummer Masquerade

Midsummer Masquerade I have had a most rare vision. I have had a dream past the wit of man to say what dream it was. A ball, with masqued creatures swirling to a concoction of dark sounds, drunk with music and wine. Yes there was much wine and food for the soul – three courses bursting forth beneath candelabra on white linen which highlighted the sea of black and glittering attire that consumed.

 Midsummer Masquerade

Full bellied and inebriated with merriment, laughter and talk rose up to make mischief among the chandeliers. The players took to the stage, a riot of comedic excellence, ballet beautiful and acoustic inspirative, a perfect mirror for the audience of actors. I’m certain this must have been a dream, because when I woke I found myself in ensconced in Sheffield. I have heard rumour that Crimson Black is indeed a conjuror of magnificent proportions with steel-edge resolve, sharp enough to compose this waking dream, full to madness of merriment and delirious of mirth so I suspect it may well be so. For these words echoing through the gilded ballroom haunt me still:

Midsummer MasqueradeTonight you wear the masks YOU choose … A literal manifestation of a very human trait. We wear our normal masks all day and all night until they are welded to our souls. Tonight the mask you chose is your unmasking. Revel in your anonymity. Be the person you are. Be the person you want to be. Use the mask you chose to unmask yourself and live a dream. Explore yourself … if you can get EXPLICIT permission and you’re not going to outrage public decency …. Explore someone else. Either way please wash your hands. To each of you also respect the mask you speak to. Learn about each other and be free. This is midsummer , which either means John Nettles is about to appear …. or we have but scant few hours of night to revel in. Either way enjoy yourselves because soon you’ll all be dead. Death hurtles towards us all like a freight train full of Donald trumps. It doesn’t make any sense, it’s not changing course and there’s no sense arguing with it. All you have is what you are but you are more than what you do. All that you can do is be. The single truest mantra in all the world is I … CAN … BE! I CAN BE. I CAN BE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Comperes traditionally go around the audience asking who you are and what you do. I have a different strategy. I will accost each of you tonight and ask you a simple question: What Manner of Creature are you?

By Wesley Mallin


Be as thou wast wont to be.

See as thou wast wont to see.


An elegant and sophisticated Banquet and Ball for the shadows among us was never so welcomed – till we dream again!


Photos by Dancefloorlandmine


Words by – Lady Amaranth




p503-queen-of-the-night p188-anguistralobe R168-Venetian-Vanity

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