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2Apart from our rather adventurous route getting in and out of Brussels and the inability to say nor spell Coalescaremonium – it’s an event I thoroughly enjoyed and now plan to try and make it an annual pilgrimage.

Now in its fourth year, Coalescaremonium is an affair which sits nicely between being a spectacular ball, a fabulous club night and an excellent gig with a melange of art, literature and performance thrown in for good measure. The space is wonderful, Le Bouche à Oreille is a converted monastery with an atmospheric chapel, a nice size stage, a great room for dancing and a lovely outside seating area which also serves food, so you can choose your and change your ambience throughout the day and long into the night.


10While this is certainly an event for every fashionista, what I really like about it – is that it still feels like it keeps the scene, its music and its people at its heart. And while an extravagant outfit will fit beautifully within its walls, you won’t look out of place if you choose something a little more practical. The organising team and hosts really set the mood, with their magnificent ensembles, delightful personalities and passion for providing a place for the like-minded to gather.

This year’s theme was “Art Nouveau Noise” (which was the perfect excuse to get to wear one of Hysteria Machine’s amazing Art Nouveau inspired headdresses) and along with my better half’s gothic rock soundscapes in the form of Pretentious Moi?, there was some gothic metal from Sirenia, EBM from KnK, classic cello from MaxLilja, industial/psy-trance from Iszoloscope and dark wave/synth from Luminance. That dizzying list of genres may make you think the evening may have been piecemeal – but somehow they have found the formula where all our factions can harmoniously and beautifully coexist within one evening, one event, one magical world in the heart of Belgium.

4Art and fashion were provided in the form of the ethereal and delicate textiles of Somnia Romantica and the exhibitions of stunning illustrations from Gina Wetzel and photography from Andy Julia. And just in case you thought there may be something missing from the jam packed program, there also a performance by Synthaesticx Cooperation , an Industrial dance crew!

I must confess though – that I did miss out on some of the provided entertainment owing to the fact that there were just too many engrossing conversations with extraordinary people to be had – but isn’t that one of the best forms of entertainment?

I hope this event lives on, and hope that you are now as excited as me to see what they have in store for us next year.


Words by – Lady Amaranth


Photos by – Lux Immortalis




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