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New May Releases

Summer is now officially here, Beltane has been and gone, the bonfires have been burnt, the clouds are parting and the days are warming up and becoming longer. This is the perfect time to pull out those summer satins and laces that you have been wishing you could wear since the dark clouds of winter first closed in. In celebration of the change of seasons Alchemy are releasing our May mini range.

Our five beautiful key items are available from today to make the perfect addition to your summer attire.



Golgatha [717]

“The place of the skull”, and the site of the crucifixion depicted by a deferentially chained cross and black crystal mark the scene of a deep and passionate suffering.  A stunning pewter cross, with a black Swarovski crystal. Draped in an antiqued brass chain with two brass skulls set at the top of the cross, facing outwards. Fastened with a lobster claw fastener.


Raven Moon Pendant [P735]

The glowing lunar disk dramatically silhouettes an already black and portentous raven, perched above the earth in its otherworldly attentiveness, observing and guarding its own precious realm. A moon-white enamelled necklace with a black silhouette of a raven perched on a branch. This striking image is mounted upon a black pewter disk, and a black pewter chain P735fastened with a lobster clasp. Evoking the feelings of the blackest of nights against the brightest of moons.




Rabeschadel Choker [P736]

German for ‘raven’s skull’; the great black birds are famous for their prophetic powers and, as the eyes and ears of Odin can foretell the future. Famous also for their protective powers, for example, in Middle Ages’ Christian tradition, even the body of the martyred St Vincent was forever preserved from desecration by a vigilant raven guard. This choker features a large, detailed raven’s skull in antiqued pewter. This is contrasted against a hand polished beak with a large black satin ribbon for fastening.




Black Raven Earwrap [E355]

Like a personal tutelary, ready to impart its supernatural intelligence to its master and invoking uncanny powers of protection, the black raven raffishly embraces the ear of its owner.  The black pewter wings and head are visible as the delicately drape themselves around your left ear. This earwrap is then fastened by a surgical steel ear post at the bottom of the wing. This piece can be adjusted by gently bending the upper wing to fit your ear.E355_V2











Uncle Albert’s Time Piece Choker [P728]

The perfect, miniature 13-hour Lunar-time fob watch and its essential accoutrements from the Victorian era, to grace the lithe neck of a sophisticated steampunk mistress. Inscribed with ‘Hora Morti’ – the ‘Hour of Death’. Uncle Albert knows there are 13 lunar months to the year . . . 

This miniature pocket watch with a pewter centre piece and glazed dial. Albert’s chain is antiqued in bronze with a Swarovski crystal and on the chain a clockwork key is suspended and a traditional shield fob. All of this beautiful victorian intricacy is hung from a black silk ribbon.P729

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