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X-Men: Days of Future Past

The latest X-Men movie will be hitting the big screen on 22 May. X-Men: Days Of Future Past takes characters from the original action trilogy and weaves them into a time-travelling story with a star-studded cast that includes Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. The new film revisits the past when the mutant superheroes join forces with their younger selves to save their species from the threat of extinction.

The characters are based on the original and hugely popular X-Men comic books, which were created by Spiderman writer Stan Lee in the 1960s and are still published by Marvel. Their name comes from the additional X-gene that they carry, which gives each one a special ability. A follow-up film called X-Men: Apocalypse has just been announced for tentative release in 2016.

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