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Daily Archives: 11 June 2012

Fantom Skullquest

June 11th, 2012

Alchemy1977 have teamed up with Fantom online cards to create a new online gothic card game – Skullquest. Trade and collect 48 quest cards, from skulls and dragons to witches and wizards. Collect all the quest cards and you are in with a chance of winning the Skull Cup – a finely crafted, limitedly available goblet!


Collect and connect with other Alchemy Skullquest players from across the globe and delve deeper into the Alchemy Gothic world. Fantom is a relatively new game boasting a new slant at traditional card games by creating an online world around them.

It is easy and free to join, fun to play and there are prizes that are available for many. But, only one of the true bloodline will win the Skullcup!

Start your quest here: