Monthly Archives: April 2012

Alchemy Artwork Friday

Launched last Friday on the Alchemy1977 Facebook page was a brand new weekly feature aimed at sharing the inspiration and meaning behind Alchemy’s most popular artwork, as well as treating you to a first glimpse of the latest designs, straight from the sketch book!

The first image posted, by the name of ‘The King’s Reaper’ was a brand new creation from the Alchemy Gothic sketchbook:

“A spectral figure stalks the smoking battlefields of mediaeval England feeding on the swirling turmoil, as the War of the Roses thunders towards it’s dynastic apocalypse. Living in the majestic conviction that they are appointed by God, each crowned head inevitably falls beneath the scythe of the King’s Reaper.”

Second was another brand new piece of art, this time from The UL13 sketchbook: SS UL13.

“Shiver your timbers and get those barnacles scraped you scurvy lubbers, when the SS UL13 sails into harbour
the dead get shore-leave from Davey Jones’ Locker.”

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