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Dracula’s Bucharest

odeon1 I always feel nostalgic when I lose myself in the streets of Bucharest, though the nostalgia I am experiencing does not come from my own experience. It’s a strange and confusing feeling actually. It is as if I feel the city, its history, pain and joy and I always wonder what went on in these streets all these years. Continue reading

Put A Mark On Me

ULFP22You don’t have to be a Thai monk, a Yakuza mafia member or a brave Samoan warrior to get a tattoo now a days. Let’s face it, whether it has to do with religion, power, bravery, belonging to a gang, rank, from China to India, from Egypt to Great Britain, people have always had a passion for marking themselves with symbols that often mean more to them than just a decoration. Tattoos – why do we love them so much? Are they not just a colouring on our skin, a simple visual confection? Or do they mark our souls as well? Perhaps even a little too deep? I’m not so sure about that. That’s why I decided to explore this topic a little further. And what better way to do it than to talk to a professional tattoo artist? Continue reading

Valentina’s Medallion

P496_V3Valentina Stanescu never had any luck when it came to love. She always fell in love with the wrong men while the men that she wasn’t interested in always persisted in courting her.
The celebration of Valentine’s Day in Romania is not only dedicated to lovers but also to people who are named Valentin or Valentina. So, every Valentine’s Day Valentina also celebrated her name day.And every year she made a wish for her true love to finally show up and make her feel the way she had always dreamed of. But every year her wish remained a painful desire and every year Valentina ended up alone, crying of a broken heart or of unanswered love. Continue reading

Apple Tree

Apples and love, not sure why they have become such good friends over the years having in mind that an apple made Eve ruin Heaven for Adam in the first place…or so they say…
Somehow the magical connection between love, desire and apples decided to play a romantic part in our lives, sometimes without us really knowing it. For example, search for spells including apples and love and you’ll find out there is a whole bunch of them.
Continue reading

Graveyard Soldier

Have you ever been dared to do something by your friends? Have you ever done it just to show them that you are brave? Were you scared when you did it? Were you proud of yourself afterwards? Whatever you may think, daring to do something does not always make you brave. In fact it might be one of the stupidest things you’ve ever done. And I have the a story to prove that to you. Continue reading