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Occult Day

Having in mind that the 18th of November is Occult Day we dedicate this story to all the witches among us.

Deadly Cards

Deadly Cards.odtA young lady came to my shop on one Friday morning. She seemed very cheerful and she was dressed very prettily. She told me she wanted a tarot reading. I asked her if she preferred a certain deck for I had many tarot decks. She told me she very much liked all of them and that she would leave it up to me. Continue reading

Inaripatii- The Wings

The Wings.docxI have never been very fond of the human kind. Too plain for my taste, too dull. I did however follow their wars and quarrels from time to time when on greater scale and now and then my curiosity took over when it came to their bizarre traditions. That must have been my destiny for that is how it all started. And that is how I met him. Continue reading

Werewolf Killings Part Two.

Werewolf killings part 2.docxThere was a complete chaos at the City Hall. The crime scene was surrounded by at least a dozen reporters and hundreds of civilians. I barely managed to reach my Crime Scene Investigation team. All I could think of was the body. I wanted to see the body. I needed to see that body! That was the only way to discover if I was the criminal. Continue reading

My Halloween

My Halloween.docxI wanted to write a special bloody, dark article for Halloween. But, when I thought more about it I realised that my articles are always dark and twisted so I wouldn’t be able to make it special in that manner. The only way I could make this article special was to share with you what Halloween actually means to me and in doing so perhaps you could tell me what Halloween means to you. Continue reading

Vampire or Werewolf?

IVampire versus Werewolft’s the ultimate question, isn’t it? Do you choose a vampire or a werewolf as your ideal partner? Cold or hot? Night or day? A wolf or a bat? It’s basically choosing between two completely different characters, though both are nocturnal and have a lust for blood, both are very dangerous and quite unpredictable and both are…well…let’s just say lethal in every way possible!

I have never been able to choose between vampires and werewolves. Though I am sure a lot of you think the answer must be obvious.

I must decide once and for all, but how? Continue reading

Bloody Teardrops- Continues

(a sequel to the Bloody teardrops article from last year)

Bloody_teardrops_part_2.docxHe was chasing me through the corridor. If I had a beating heart right now, it would have probably gone into a frenzy. Blood ran down my cheek from the deep stroke of his blade. He had caught me by surprise back there in the train cabin. I never saw it coming. I should have known better; I should have been less distracted by the beautiful colour of his eyes and paid more attention to their sharpness. Continue reading

Beauty Tricks

Beauty_tricks.docxWith the summer coming, even as a vampire, you need to watch your body and health more closely. You want to be perfect for the summer and those warm, sexy summer nights. No matter how much you want to avoid the sun, the sun must not want to avoid you, figuratively speaking of course, I do truly advice you to avoid the sun at all costs.

Here are three of my most effective tips for a perfect body and soul. Continue reading