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Rock ‘N’ Roll with Elvis

Elvis Presley died in 1977, or to put it another way, has now been dead for as long as Alchemy have been established!
Elvis Presley still retains his title as the king of Rock ‘N’ Roll.
This year, more than 75,000 people have turned out for a Vigil at his Graceland Mansion! Many events are to be staged this year in honour of ‘The King’. Elvis Presley’s hits include; ‘Love Me Tender’, ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘Hound Dog’. Famous not only for his vocals, Elvis was also a great actor, and has inspired many artists to this day.

Why not celebrate and pay tribute to ‘The King’ by ‘Takin’ Care o’ Business’ with the Elvis inspired Alchemy pendant (ULP26, shown below)..

This black enamelled neck thong, with its fully modelled skulls, echoes the famous Elvis icon; with tattoo style ‘UL13’ branding & plaited leather thong..
To order yours online, search our list of our approved Alchemy Dealers here: www.alchemyengland.com/buy

Grab your wellies & rock out at the Download Festival!

When Festivals were first born they were regarded a small and barely talked about event, with a small stage and a few local bands. As time progressed the world began to adapt to the true concept of a music celebration, without boundaries! One of the best and most recognised Festivals of our time is The Woodstock Festival, held for the first time in the summer of 69. With legendary artists included in the line up, such as Jimi Hendrix! Since then the ‘Rolling Stone Magazine’ has listed Woodstock as one of the 50 Moments That Changed The History Of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Now every city and their mother has a music festival and has become dedicated to bring you the best fiery summer festivals! Festivals have become a passion for many people, and the chance to get down and dirty in muddy fields infested with music lovers sells itself! Whether you’re a Metal-head, Rocker or Raver, whether you love to be in thick of a mosh-pit, crowd surfing, or simply chilling out with a cold beer in hand, nothing rivals the thrill of taking in live music with the company of thousands of others.

Alchemy and the best rock festivals come hand-in-hand, and is a great opportunity for you to show off your most extravagant Alchemy possessions! Luckily for all our fans we will be appearing at two of the headlining UK festivals of 2012. Are you going to be joining us? Look out for the Alchemy1977 stand to purchase your favourite pieces at; DOWNLOAD from 8-10th of June and BLOODSTOCK from 9-12th of August. Grab your wellies, rock out and dive into the highlight of the summer season!

Tattoo’s for you?

Whether you have tattoos or not, whether you admire tattoos from a far, too scared to take the plunge for fear of pain, or fear of making a terrible mistake that cannot be corrected! Perhaps the mere thought of a tattoo conjures up images of body mutilation. Whatever you opinion you cannot hide from the phenomenon tattoos are here to stay! No longer are they a trophy of a drunken night in the forces. But arguably a form of art and most certainly a way of self expression.

Here at Alchemy the home of self expression and the alternative lifestyle. We strived to create a range that inspired and captivate the largely neglected male ‘dudes’. A ground breaking collection of urban accessories was born. The range was named UL13. That was 2008 and in 2009 due to much screaming and jumping up and down from our customers and fans alike, The brand UL13 unleashed its baby sister, UL17 ‘angelic accessories’ for the naughty angels!

This Summer sees the release of a new collection to compliment the soul of the two ranges. Our designers have drawn upon the classic retro and rock symbolism that originally inspired them. To create truly unique designs that will take the scene by storm.

Be one of the first to receive the Alchemy UL13/UL17 new release flyer by email, just fill in the form below:

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Alchemy Artwork Friday

Launched last Friday on the Alchemy1977 Facebook page was a brand new weekly feature aimed at sharing the inspiration and meaning behind Alchemy’s most popular artwork, as well as treating you to a first glimpse of the latest designs, straight from the sketch book!

The first image posted, by the name of ‘The King’s Reaper’ was a brand new creation from the Alchemy Gothic sketchbook:

“A spectral figure stalks the smoking battlefields of mediaeval England feeding on the swirling turmoil, as the War of the Roses thunders towards it’s dynastic apocalypse. Living in the majestic conviction that they are appointed by God, each crowned head inevitably falls beneath the scythe of the King’s Reaper.”

Second was another brand new piece of art, this time from The UL13 sketchbook: SS UL13.

“Shiver your timbers and get those barnacles scraped you scurvy lubbers, when the SS UL13 sails into harbour
the dead get shore-leave from Davey Jones’ Locker.”

If you wish to delve deeper into the creative minds of our incredibly talented design team and would like to gain more insight into the vast array of Alchemy1977 Artwork, make sure you ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook and visit our timeline every Friday!

Alchemy in the limelight: On stage at Bloodstock!

Awesome rising Welsh band Revoker, recently signed by Roadrunner records and sponsored by Jägermeister, were spotted on and off stage in interviews at Bloodstock sporting Alchemy UL13 jewellery and Alchemy England Apparel clothing. This up and coming band have received rave reviews, likened to Metallica and Machine Head.


Also at Bloodstock Bass player Adam Da Rat of hardcore/death metal band DripBack is seen here wearing Alchemy’s Sixth Seal T shirt at this summers Bloodstock festival!

Have you seen any Alchemy products being worn by any stars?
Let us know by emailing info@alchemygroup.com

The Ledge – Adrenaline with a shot of Business

LondonEdge, is the firmly established and highly successful, most popular short-order-writing, edgy fashion trade-mecca for the Western world.

Alchemy have been ever present at LondonEdge since the very beginning and wholeheartedly supports the show, which has proved to be our single greatest source of new business and has undoubtedly played a major role in the worldwide success that the brand has achieved to date.

Launching this September is the brand new skate and adrenaline lifestyle show ‘The Ledge’ running in conjunction with and concurrently to the well established edgy trade shows LondonEdge & LondonCentral!

LondonEdge has ambitious plans to grow and develop it’s depth and diversity and its influence and effectiveness for the benefit of all its friends! ‘The Ledge’ will provide fantastic new opportunities for new and existing exhibitors and buyers alike. Being launched by an experienced, efficient organising & marketing team that is well versed in putting on a show that dares to be different! Visitors will have access to all 3 shows meaning increased diversity for buyers and increased footfall for exhibitors.

This September promises to be the best show yet! To find out more information or to apply for visitor passes please visit the following websites:

The Ledge

Please also ‘Like’ LondonEdge & ‘Ledge’ on Facebook by clicking on the following links:

New Alchemy UL13! Urban, Tattoo, & Rock ‘n Roll pendants, buckles & more…

Alchemy1977 brings you the latest new releases to the increasingly popular brand of Urban, Tattoo & Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle accessories, Alchemy UL13!

Alchemy UL13 is a range of products replete with classic and retro tattoo and rock symbolism, biker’s and boarder’s icons, but woven-through with that distinctive Alchemy pedigree.

Designed to take Alchemy back to its rock ‘n roll roots for guys and girls with attitude – no-nonsense, original design, classic, urban and tattoo inspired pendants, buckles and other essentials!

View the whole range on our Facebook page:

To be added to Alchemy’s mailing list to receive a FREE copy of the brand new UL13/UL17 catalogue please email your address details to info@alchemygroup.com quoting ‘UL13 Catalogue’

Alchemy at the International Licensing Expo, Las Vegas

Alchemy will be exhibiting at the International Licensing Expo in Las Vegas next week.

Come and see us at booth number 5609 at The Mandalay Bay Convention center between Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th June.

See you there!!

Click on one of the images below to visit the brand new Alchemy Licensing website.